Session Work | Guitarist For Hire

I have an extensive amount of studio time, and deeply enjoy session work. I’m happy to schedule in person appearances, but by and large being able to record in my class A home studio is almost always the most cost effective and quickest way to go. I am eternally a student of the guitar and maintain about 20 hrs of practice a week. Electric, and steel string acoustic. Background sweetening, as well as in your face leads.

I can mimic the acoustic approaches of James Taylor, John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, etc. I delight in composing custom acoustic tracks for pop songs. I can also rock the electric and compose lead work a la Jimi Page, Van Halen, or Edge. I have a fairly unique and cerebral songwriting style, but on the guitar, I’m totally a mockingbird player- I love playing “in the style of,” and I love finding that perfect groove or riff. I I love the challenge of cadencing a guitar arrangement to support the story being told by a song. If needed, that could be a face melting epic shred fest for sure. But it could also be a stark, raw, or subtle thing to. A guitarist’s chief aim is never to hog the spotlight, but rather to serve the song, in my humble opinion.

What do I record with? My favorite signal flow for acoustic is a Martin/Bourgeois/Santa Cruz through a Beesneez Mahalia Mic (Neumann U67), or perhaps a Neumann km184 (or two), through a Great River ME-1NV Preamp (Neve 1073), a Universal Audio 1176 compressor (Bluestripe), and through an Apogee Ensemble or an RME Fireface into Logic (Or Protools). Extra pre’s are apogee’s or Universal Audio 610’s. Renting equipment is easy too if you have a truly specific signal flow you’re looking for. I can record in just about whatever sample rate, resolution, or format is needed.

The electric format I use is similar to the Acoustic, but through my custom Fender Strat or a limited Ernie Ball Musicman Axis. My home field amp is a pimped out Fender Deville, but I’ve been known to play through Marshalls, Oranges, Vox’s and Mesa’s. My amp collection seems to fluctuate between the shop, the auction block and various friends houses, it’s best to check before hand. My pedal board includes extensive boutique, hand-wired, true bypass mojo. I rock a Fulltone wah, various Barber Electronics, Various DLX Effects, and a Diamond Tremolo that I can’t get enough of. It’s hard keeping track of my amps, it’s impossible keeping track of my pedals. Suffice it to say, between the two, I’ve got your tone covered.

I always work for hire, on flat fees like a plumber. Royalties and points are for writers, not hired guns. If you’re interested in collaborating, please use this contact form, and tell me about what you’re hoping to accomplish with your project. Email is my preferred mode of communication, but if needed leave a number that I can reach you at, as well as a good time for me to ping you back.