Songwriting is my passion. It’s my jam. If you need songs, I got ’em.

Cowriting is tricky. It’s deeply personal, and often there are money and arbitration questions right out of the gate. Depending upon what the goal of the collaboration is, I can make that very easy. While we can talk a traditional partnership, a lot of clients prefer to retain 100% of their royalties and rights, by hiring me by the hour, or by the job. How can I do this? It’s simple, I go into coach mode, and I inspire you to write your own songs.

I naturally prefer working with veteran writers, but I’ve worked with a lot of beginners, and it’s always productive and fun. Some of the greatest songs ever, come from an arrangement where an artist may be very successful in one area, such as performance, or poetry, but may be able to fully realize their original songs. We’d start with where we’re at, and begin putting the pieces together. I may humbly suggest melodies, harmonies, or rhythms that my clients choose to keep in their arrangements or masters, but they’re always inspired by the client. It’s honestly just an orchestrating producer’s role.

If a traditional partnership is requested, we’ll schedule an in person collaboration. Available by appointment in Boston, Baltimore, NY, & LA.

If you’d like to inquire about further details, including requesting an estimate or hourly, please send details of your project, and your ambition using this contact form. Feel free to include any questions you might have.